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List of the most common French words for Breakfast

Now that you are aware that French breakfast is mainly sweet, let’s learn the correct French vocabulary ! The list of the most common French words for breakfast you have been longing for is right here 🙂 The petit-déjeuner is most often called p’tit-dèj. As you can notice, it means “Small lunch“. How cute is that ?!

Breakfast : French words list

Le petit-déjeuner / Le p’tit-dèjBreakfast
La tartineToast
Le painBread
La baguetteBaguette
La biscotteRusk
La briocheBrioche
Le beurre douxSoft butter
Le beurre demi-selSemi-salted butter
La confiture de fraisesStrawberry jam
La confiture d’abricotApricot jam
Le mielHoney
Le sucreSugar
Le caféCoffee
L’expresso (m.)Espresso
Le café noirBlack coffee
Le café au laitLatte
Le décaDecaffeinated coffee
Le thé vertGreen tea
Le thé noirBlack tea
Le thé à la mentheMint tea
Le thé au citronLemon tea
Le lait Milk
Le chocolat chaudHot cocoa
Le jus d’orangeOrange juice
Le jus de pommeApple juice
Le jus de raisinGrape juice
Le jus de pamplemousseGrapefruit juice
Les céréalesCereals
Le gâteauCake/Biscuit
Le YaourtYogurt
La clémentineTangerine
La pommeApple
La bananeBanana
La viennoiseriePastry
Le croissantCroissant
Le pain au chocolatChocolate croissant
Le pain aux raisinsRaisin Bread
L’œuf (m.)Egg
Le jambonHam
Le fromageCheese
BoireTo drink
MangerTo eat
TartinerTo spread
Tremper To dunk

My favorite breakfast

My favorite breakfast would be café and a fresh baguette, coming straight out of the bakery’s oven (crusty and still warm…) with du beurre demi-sel and de la confiture de fraise on it ! Yummy (Miam-Miam as we would say in French), freshly squeezed jus d’orange and a yaourt. If I stay in a hotel, I would add un œuf to it and maybe du fromage as well. If I have breakfast in a café, I will definitely order a small café, un expresso, and un croissant, on which I might spread some confiture d’abricot!

Did you understand what my favorite p’tit-dèj is ? What would be your favorite one ?

I have a secret to tell you : sometimes, when I am too lazy to cook in the evening, I just prepare a breakfast for dinner. I must tell you, those nights, the kids are thrilled 🙂

Fun fact


You have to know that there are two kinds of people in France : the people who only eat semi-salted butter and the people who only eat soft butter. This distinction is mainly geographical. In the western part of France (where I come from and where my heart belongs), mostly in Brittany (Bretagne in French) and along the Atlantic Ocean, we ONLY eat semi-salted butter whereas people coming from the other regions of France only eat soft butter. When we, Western French people, do not have semi-salted butter, we add salt to butter to transform soft butter into semi-salted butter. And yes, we’d rather starve than eat soft butter !

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  • Malika

    You have just turned your back on the south-west of France where people says “chocolatine” and not “pain au chocolat” 😀

    • Sabrina F.

      LOL Indeed, it is true that in the south-West of France, people do say chocolatine instead of pain au chocolat, and the debate is intense about the right word to use 🙂 I chose my side : Pain au chocolat FOREVER

  • Nico

    Salted butter 4 Life !
    Very interested topic, thx 🙏!

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