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I speak French in French : Top 9 sentences you will hear in France

Immersion : You are in Paris, sipping a Pastis under the sun and you are trying to talk with your neighbor in english when suddenly, he utters a grumpy “I speak French” (in French). Yes, that will probably be one of the sentences you will hear the most when visiting France. To tell you the truth, French people are not so brilliant in foreign languages and our language skills are… limited! (Surprised! Not surprised!) So please be warned that people will talk to you in French and will not even try to translate. So do not hesitate to learn those sentences by heart !

When French people will express their confusion

Je parle français : I speak French

First type of people : The ones that are proud to speak French only… As if you were visiting France and you just figured out that French people actually spoke French!!! What a shock! So we will feel like we have to remind you that we only speak French : Je parle français. Good luck with us 😉


Je ne parle pas anglais : I do not speak English

Second type of people : The ones that assume you did not realize they could not speak English. Instead of trying to give you this information in English, they will inform you in French, without even articulating properly.

Je ne comprends rien (du tout) : I don’t understand anything (at all)

That is certainly the sentence you are going to hear all the time when in France ! You can also learn this sentence and say it back to them when native speakers will start talking to you in French !

When French people will try to know more about you and your trip


Vous venez d’où ? D’où venez-vous ? : Where do you come from ?

Spoken French is a bit different from written French. When the sentence is a question (interrogative form), we reverse the subject and the verb (ex. : D’où venezvous ?) when written. However, when spoken, we tend to omit this rule and only the intonation will indicate the interlocutor (you) that this is a question : Vous venez d’où ?

Vous restez combien de temps en France ? : How long are you going to stay in France ?

Same here : the sentence you are most likely to hear is the one above, but you have to know that some people (the ones who exclusively want to speak the right form of French) might ask you : Combien de temps restezvous en France ?

C’est la première fois que vous venez en France ? : Is it your first time in France ?

Normally, people will be interested to have this information to know if you would need some advice on what to visit, where to eat, places that are uncommon. Do not hesitate to ask for their recommendations !

When the French waiter/shopkeeper/cashier will communicate with you

Qu’est-ce qui vous ferait plaisir ? : What would you like to order ?

When going to a restaurant in France, the waiter will probably come to you and ask you what you would like to order. If you want to translate the French sentence literally, it would mean “what would make you happy ?“. Obviously, the cashier is not expecting a philosophical answer but just the meal you want to eat 🙂

Ce sera tout ? : Would that be all ?


When done ordering, the cashier will ask you if you are really done. Usually, at the restaurant in France, we first order the drinks, the cashier will bring the drinks and while drinking, we have a look at the menu. Then we order the first course and the main course. We generally order dessert after eating the main course. Afterwards, before paying the bill, the cashier will ask us if we want a coffee. Most French people end their meal with an expresso.

Ca vous fera … Euros : You have to pay … Euros

The bill includes all taxes, and tips are not common in the French culture. If you do tip though, there are high chances that the waiter will be surprised and VERY happy !

Thanks to this glimpse of the most common French sentences you will hear when in France, you won’t be surprised when you hear them !

Are there any other French sentences you heard a lot when in France ? Let me know and comment below 🙂

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