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Happy Mother’s Day to all women!

Happy Mother’s Day to every single woman reading this article : Whether you have a child, several children, you wish to become a mother, you have lost a child, you are pregnant, you have no children but you help others like if you were their mum. I understand this day can be painful for many women, so let’s just celebrate womanhood!

Joyeuse fête des mères à toutes les femmes!
Happy Mother’s day to all women!

When does it take place in France?

La fête des mères (Mother’s day in French) takes place every last Sunday of May, except if the Pentecost falls on that weekend as well. In this case, Mother’s day will take place on the first Sunday of June. In most countries, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May.

One purpose, different dates

Why then does Mother’s day take place on different dates? In 1906, in France, Artas, a village in the department of Isère (if you don’t know where that is, click here) decided to celebrate mothers of large families. As, as indicated in the law in 1950, the French country pays tribute to all mothers once a year”.

In the USA, Anna Jarvis seems to be the founder of Mother’s Day. In 1908, she organized a celebration for her deceased mother and for all mothers. This day became a bank holiday in the USA in 1914. The second Sunday of May is chosen as the official celebration day.

A lot of countries took the decision to follow the USA’s date, but France couldn’t as that day marks Joan of Arc’s commemoration. In the Middle East for example, Mother’s day is celebrated on March 21st.

What kind of celebration in France?

In France, young children have to make something creative at school or at the daycare center. Very common handmade gifts : pasta-necklace (super fancy 🙂 ), a poem, handprinted painting, salt dough sculpture,… And many other inventive presents! Usually, husbands also make their wife a present. Flowers and jewellery are the most common gifts. Breakfast is generally the moment when the whole family takes care of the queen of the day.

When children are older, they traditionally invite their mother at home for lunch. As my mother lives far away from me, I could not invite her for a pleasant moment at home, but I called her and I offered her some cosmetics, so that she can take care of herself during that day 🙂

What did I get from my family on Mother’s day : My eldest son offered to me a frame with hearts on it that he made at school, a plant in a yoghurt cuo that he decorated at the nanny’s and a poem. The nanny put some paint on my baby’s hand and gave me a card with the painting. My boyfriend offered me a white orchid. I got the chance to spend the day in my yard playing with the kids and with my boyfriend and enjoying the sun. That was a great day!

What about you? What do you usually do for Mother’s day and when do you celebrate it? Comment to let me know 🙂

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  • Cora

    This year, I had a paper box with hearts painted on it from my eldest boy and from the youngest, a painting with hearts sticks on it. And I asked time for me to sew 😜.

  • Camille Burger

    Ce fut une super journée, mon mari s’est occupé des cadeaux encore pour cette année, avec la rentrée à l’école il y aura sans doute du changement l’année prochaine! J’ai été gâtée et effectivement le soleil nous à aidé à profiter de cette journée! Merci pour cet article!

    • Sabrina F.

      Super! C’est vrai que ce beau soleil nous a bien aidé à passer une belle journée!

  • Aline

    Bonjour, pour moi personnellement, l’important, c’est que ce jour-là mes enfants fassent quelque chose avec leur cœur. Je m’explique. On a tendance à faire faire des objets aux enfants pour qu’ils puissent les offrir à la fête des mamans. Cependant, il ne sont parfois pas encore capable de le faire par eux-mêmes.
    Cette année, j’ai reçu de la crèche de mon fils de 15 mois trois créations. Cela a été fait par les professionnelles en réalité puisqu’il est encore trop jeune pour faire ça lui-même. L’attention et l’intention est vraiment bonne mais moi du coup ce que j’ai préféré hier c’est le câlin qu’il m’a fait au réveil! 🙂

    • Sabrina F.

      Tout à fait d’accord avec toi! C’est vrai qu’un gros câlin spontané de bon matin, il n’y a rien de tel pour sentir tout l’amour qu’ils ressentent pour nous!

  • Nico06

    Très intéressant de découvrir des réponses aussi simples que “pourquoi cette date ?” et de découvrir les origines de cette fête que l’on célèbre depuis sa plus tendre enfance. Merci

  • cilou

    I send her some really good Swiss chocolate, it always makes her happy. thank you for this great article

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