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DELF Exam, DALF Exam : What is my level in French ?

The DELF exam and the DALF exam are tests to determine your level in French. By taking those tests, you can check your evolution and realize the progress you made. It can also be a good way to set goals.

Let me set a goal for you
In a year from now, you will reach the A1 Level in French if you are a total beginner or you will go to the next level if you already have basis in French. Deal?

Levels in French

Levels in languages are defined into 6 categories : A1 => A2 => B1 => B2 => C1 => C2. A1 is the beginner level and C2 is the expert level. One asserts that for French, one needs about 100 hours. However, all the students won’t go at the same speed, depending on the mother tongue (it won’t take the same amount of time and of work whether your mother tongue is English or Japanese), if one already knows a foreign language (the more languages you speak, the easier it gets to learn new ones), the time one is dedicating to it (if you are studying only, or if you also watch movies in this language, or listen to songs in this language).

In any case, all of these parameters are crucial. Of course, the more you will get involved in the language you are learning, the quicker you will see the results and the better you will speak it, understand it and remember it. I have been there with English so I know what I am talking about! Can you imagine how proud I was the first time I realized that English people could understand me and that I could understand them in return? This feeling is great, and I can only encourage you to keep the motivation high.



The DELF Exam means “Diplôme d’études en langue française” and is delivered by the French Ministry of Education. This test is exclusively for people whose mother tongue is not French but want to officially know their level in French. The DELF Exam can be taken for the 4 following levels : A1 – A2 – B1 – B2. For example, passing the A1 level means that you can understand very simple situations. You can understand basic needs and express basic needs as well. You can also introduce yourself and other people, ask simple questions and answer it. Sounds feasible in 12 months? 🙂 If you want some more information about the DELF Exam, check the France Education website.


The DALF Exam means “Diplôme approfondi de français” and is intended to people who learnt French at a high level : C1 or C2. Just like the DELF Exam, there are 4 parts in this test : Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. More information about this exam, right here. Those exams can be taken in the closest Alliance française. There are offices all over the world, and there probably is one or several in your country.

Now that you know more about the official exams and the different levels that can be reached in French, let’s start studying and set goals! Let me know in the comments what your goal is. Writing down your goal on the comments will help you visualize it and making it real. And hey, you can’t turn back when you informed the world about your objectives!



My own journey on the road towards speaking English fluently was not an easy one. Firstly, I started learning English at school like every French pupils, then I went to college and I studied it as my major. Thanks to my efforts, I passed the English Exam that is called the TOEIC (the equivalent DALF test) with the highest note that one could ever have : 990/990. If I did it, I know you can do it. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes we want to give up. Above all, keep in mind what your objective is, that is the most important and you will go there eventually. NEVER GIVE UP!

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