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Dear Reader, I need you!

Today is a bit special! No, it is not my birthday! Today, I am not going to talk about French culture, French lifestyle nor French language as I always do it, but I am going to talk about YOU, my faithful reader. I need you.

Thank you

YES, you who are reading me behind your screen, you who is wondering what life in France is like, you who want to improve your French, you who are curious about other cultures, you who are preparing your upcoming trip to France. First of all, I REALLY want to thank you for reading me, for supporting me and most importantly for inspiring me. Knowing that you are there somewhere, anywhere, is so helpful and so heartwarming. I am so delighted by all the kind messages I receive. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


My project for you

Saying thank you is one thing, but I do more for you. I really want to show you how grateful I am and how much your opinions and your wishes mean to me. Today, I want to help you and I would like to do something for you and to give you what you need, what you want or what you are missing in any field related to French culture and/or French language.

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In order to be as accurate as possible in this extra project, I need your insight, your perception and your point of view. Are you willing to help me so that I can provide you what you need?

Here are a few examples that I could work on if this is beneficial for you and if you find it interesting:

  • How to settle in France
  • The basis of French language
  • The most common 500 French words
  • How to travel within France
  • A specific historical period of France
  • What to visit when in France
  • Translations of songs that you choose
  • Books to read to improve your French language
  • Not to be missed monuments in Paris

Those topics are only ideas and you are more than welcome to suggest other topics. Once we select a topic together, the topic that will really help you go further in the knowledge of French language or that will help you prepare your own trip for example, the one that really will be the most interesting for all of you, I will be able to work on it and to offer you my report.

Let’s get it started!

In order to write about what you need, I kindly ask you to comment this article with the French topic you would like to know more about. Even if your idea is not clear yet or if you have several topics in mind you want to read about, do not hesitate to write down your thoughts in the comments.

I am more than to work on this project, and to get to know more about you. I am looking forward to interact with you, to discuss and to exchange with you 🙂

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  • Jaskirat

    Je voudrais savoir sur les marriages français et les cérémonies

  • Pamela

    Bonjour Sabrina!

    My favorites are your language and culture posts, but you listed some great new ideas, ALL of which I hope you write about.

    Here’s my *admittedly selfish* wish list!

    1) I’m planning on visiting my very dear friend, French teacher and adopted ‘French Mom’ in Alsace when the border opens. As a visitor to her home and tourist to your country, I’d love to know how NOT to embarass myself completely. Like, can I help her in the kitchen? Its considered rude in some countries to even offer. That and a thousand questions like it keep me up at night.

    2) I would also love to know any gift ideas you might suggest for an absolutely amazing 70 years young French lady – gifts she might recieve from a daughter had she had any children.

    3) You’re a French foodie, any recipes that you would be willing to share?

    4) Accents fascinate me, but my ear is not tuned into hearing French accents yet. Are there certain sounds that might make them more obvious? For instance, I’m in the southern US where we add more syllables to words and draw our vowels out forever.

    5) French pronounciation tips! Like, do I pronounce the ‘t’ in the middle of ‘maintenant’ or no?

    6) Your table top conversations are known to be rich and lively. What are some common French conversation topics?

    7) You mentioned French travel. I hope to visit Beauvais since it is my last name. What are YOUR favorite places to visit in France?

    8) International travel, I’ve never done it. Been in nearly every state of my nation but never left her borders. You’ve done it a lot. Teach me your ways wise one!

    9) French decor. I hear there’s such a thing as a wallpaper museum?

    10) You all put the fashion in ‘fashionista’ and your art is legendary. I’d be interested in hearing your interests there.

    Thank you again for your posts, keep writing my dear!

    • Sabrina F.

      Bonjour Pamela! Merci beaucoup pour ta réponse ou plutôt tes réponses 😉 Let me answer you :
      1. I understand your concern about not making a fool of yourself while visiting your friend and being respectful. Most of the time, if you don’t know how to react to certain situations and you are afraid to do something wrong, just say it honestly and say you are not sure if it is appropriate or not to do this or that, and most people will help you and will really like you for being so thoughtful. To reply to your question about help in the kitchen, guests can absolutely ask if the host needs help (it is very nice to ask), and then depending on the person, she will accept it ot not. If you have other questions that are so precise, do not hesitate to ask me by message in the CONTACT ME area 🙂
      2. I would say a gift from your country, maybe typical food from southern US or a hand-made scarf if you know to knit for example, or for example your favorite book (in French). Hope this helps!
      3. I will be sharing recipes very soon 🙂
      4 and 5. Within the next few weeks, I will make podcasts and videos and you will be able to hear my accent and I will explain how different the written word is from the spoken word. Stay tuned!
      6. Good idea for an article, I will keep this one in mind.
      7. 8. 9. 10. Will for sure talk about those !
      Thank you once again for your support Pamela 🙂

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