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Cute French Names : Top 100 names for a girl

If you are expecting a girl and if you would like to give a French name to your baby, here is the list of my favorite 100 cute French names for a baby girl.

Girl names inspired by flowers

1. Capucine11. Jacinthe
2. Rose12. Dahlia
3. Garance13. Flora
4. Marguerite14. Fleur
5. Iris15. Camélia
6. Lila16. Angélique
7. Eglantine17. Mélisse
8. Marjolaine18. Lys
9. Hortense19. Anémone
10. Violette20. Bleuette

Fruits can also be names for girls

21. Prune26. Coco
22. Clémentine27. Mirabelle
23. Pomme28. Myrtille
24. Cerise29. Olive
25. Mandarine30. Airelle

Color the name of your daughter

31. Blanche34. Ruby
32. Bleuenn35. Jade
33. Marine36. Brune

French unisex names for baby girls and baby boys

37. Camille44. Louison
38. Lou45. Sacha
39. Eden46. Noa
40. Morgan47. Andréa
41. Charlie48. Maxime
42. Ange49. Gwen
43. Stéphane50. Maé

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Cute French names that are timeless

51. Alice76. Marie
52. Anna77. Pauline
53. Gabrielle78. Valentine
54. Victoire79. Heloïse
55. Delphine80. Diane
56. Agathe81. Candice
57. Océane82. Apolline
58. Juliette83. Joséphine
59. Inès84. Eléonore
60. Astrid85. Constance
61. Jeanne86. Cécile
62. Romane87. Madeleine
63. Adèle88. Anouk
64. Clémence89. Charline
65. Elisa90. Faustine
66. Léa91. Claire
67. Léonie92. Maëlle
68. Lilou93. Céleste
69. Lola94. Célestine
70. Manon95. Angèle
71. Margaux96. Bérénice
72. Adélaïde97. Philippine
73. Clara98. Clarisse
74. Charlotte99. Sophie
75. Louise100. Mathilde

I hope this selection was helpful and that you found the name for your baby girl to come 🙂 Comment below and tell me which names are your favorite ones ?

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