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Blogger Event : What is your best memory of France?

This blogger event is closed and I am so happy that Sarah from Sweet French Learning, Vanessa from Life on La Lune and Eric from The Eric Golban Blog shared with us their very special moments in France. Curious to read it ? Here is the Ebook you all have been longing for : My best souvenir of France. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did !

To Sarah, Vanessa and Eric, thank you so much for this great collaboration ! It was great to discover more about you and your stories. I hope we will have more collaborations in the future !

Dear reader, I am organizing a blogger event on my blog with the common theme : the best memory of France / French people that you have.

The theme

I think it would be lovely to know some personal experience of French people as well as of foreigners when it comes to telling a nice story that happened to them in France or with French people. This theme will enable the reader to know more about the writer by telling a personal story and this will allow both the reader and the writer to build a relationship of trust. This theme really is about getting to know/understand/have a glance at French people, French culture, French country or any topic related to France. And also, selfishly, I can’t wait to read about your anecdotes!

Rules to follow this blogger event

1. Who can participate to this event?

The only rule is to have a blog, which means that everyone who owns a blog or a website can participate. (Remember that a page on social medias is not a blog nor a website. You really need to be able to post your article on your blog or your website.)

2. What is the deadline?

July 14th, 2021 (what a symbol!) is the deadline to participate. If you wish to participate, please post your article on your blog/website and send it to me by email by July 14th, 2021.

3. How to participate to this blogger event?

  • Your article must contain at least 500 words.
  • It must be related to the theme “what is your best memory of France or of French people?”
  • It can be written in French or in English.
  • Your article must be original, which means that it should not have been published anywhere else before (Copyscape will be used to make sure this rule has been followed).
  • Those articles will be gathered and published in a digital book that you will be able to give for free to your readers. So please make sure that your articles do not have more than 3 grammatical errors.
  • Your article must not contain any affiliation link.
  • Once your article has been published, please send me an email :
  • Once I receive it, I will check that your article follows all the rules as mentioned above. If it doesn’t, your article will not be be selected for this Blogger event.
  • If your article follows all of the rules, I will confirm your participation to this event by email.
  • Participating to this event means that you agree that your article will be published into a digital book that will gather all of the articles related to this theme and that readers will be able to download this ebook on the participating blogs and potentially other blogs, websites or Internet services.

4. Length of the article

Your article must contain at least 500 words.

5. Release of the digital book

After the event (second half of July), I will publish the digital book gathering all of the articles participating to this event and I will send it to the people who signed up to my blog.

6. Compulsory information to add to your article

At the beginning of your article, please add the following sentence (either in French or in English or both) :

This article takes part in the blogger event “what is your best memory of France/French people” organized by Sabrina, author of the blog Frenchness.

Cet article participe à l’événement interbloggers “quel est votre meilleur souvenir de France/des français” organisé par Sabrina du blog Frenchness.

Moreoever, a link toward the blogger event’s participants must be added at the end of the article. You will be able to add it once the event is over and once I gather all of the articles. I will send you the list of all participants to integrate to your article at this time.

7. Blogs/websites that cannot participate to this event

Blogs/websites fobidden to minors or related to illegal themes or morally dubious are not allowed to participate to this blogger event.


I am looking forward to receiving your articles and participations by July 14th, 2021!

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