Baby French names
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Baby French names : Top 100 names for a boy

If you are expecting a boy and if you would like to give a French name to your baby, here is the list of my favorite 100 baby French names for a baby boy.

Historical French names

1. Alexandre6. Hugues
2. César7. François
3. Charles8. Constantin
4. Auguste9. Philippe
5. Louis10. Henri

Prénoms composés (double-name)

11. Camille-Antoine21. Pierre-Alexandre
12. Charles-Edouard22. Pierre-Olivier
13. Jean-Baptiste23. Louis-Thomas
14. Marc-Antoine24. Léo-Paul
15. Paul-Henri25. Jean-Sébastien
16. Pierre-Emmanuel26. Félix-Antoine
17. Jean-Loup27. Marc-Emmanuel
18. François-Marie28. Pierre-Louis
19. Jean-Christophe29. Paul-Emile
20. Louis-Marie30. François-Xavier

Regional names

31. Bixente38. Andria
32. Patxi39. Sauveur
33. Gwendal40. Orlandu
34. Brieuc41. Flavian
35. Tugdual42. Roman
36. Alan43. Timotèu
37. Gwenaël44. Cristol

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Unisex French names (-el for boys / -elle for girls)

45. Gabriel (Gabrielle)48. Maël (Maëlle)
46. Raphaël (Raphaëlle)49. Axel (Axelle)
47. Gaël (Gaëlle)50. Emmanuel (Emmanuelle)

Classic baby French names

51. Alphonse76. Alexis
52. Léon77. Maxime
53. Marius78. Thibault
54. Léonard79. Victor
55. Marcel80. Baptiste
56. Emilien81. Anatole
57. Lucien82. Clément
58. Jules83. Geoffroy
59. Félix84. Gustave
60. Honoré85. Maxence
61. Côme86. Marceau
62. Jean87. Arthur
63. Théophile88. Hugo
64. Basile89. Gabin
65. Achille90. Noé
66. Antoine91. Mathis
67. Augustin92. Valentin
68. Aimé93. Gaspard
69. Barthélémy94. Malo
70. Aristide95. Antonin
71. Léopold96. Ulysse
72. Olivier97. Arsène
73. Florent98. Armand
74. Pierre99. Corentin
75. Ange100. Tristan

I hope this selection was helpful and that you found the name for your baby boy to come 🙂 Comment below and tell me which names are your favorite ones ?

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  • Laure

    Wonderful idea ! It’s so fun to read all these beautiful names ! Tugdual is a really strange one ! For my son, I chose a greece name Dionis. But in my list I had Come and Felix too !

    • Sabrina F.

      Thank you Laure 🙂 I love the name of your son. Very exotic ! I also chose exotic names for my sons : Wael and Salim

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